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11 Quick Factory Farming Facts

I know this is hard to read, it is hard for me as an animal lover as well to even write this. But in order to make it better, we need to know and share this information.


1. Each factory farm chicken has about six-tenths of a square foot of space. They are debeaked because having no space to move sometimes leads to them being agressive to each other.

2. Pigs tails are cut off as well because they, too as well as chickens in factory farms have no space to move so sometimes act out against eachother and bite tails.

3. Ammonia and other gases from manure irritate animals’ lungs, and
over 80% of US pigs have pneumonia upon slaughter.


4. Factory Farm pigs suffer skeletal deformities from being in an unnatural environment on concrete floors.

5. (2) In 1970, there were about 900,000 farms in the United States;
by 1997, there were only 139,000. Have you seen FOOD INC YET? WHERE THE FARMERS HAVE TEARS IN THEIR EYES BECAUSE THE CORPORATIONS COME BY AND FORCE THEM TO change. Having no regard for humanity or humane treatment.

6. 90% of the United States poultry production is controlled by 10 companies.


7. Use of antibiotics in factory farm animals caused more strains of drug-resistant bacteria, which affects the treatment of various
life-threatening diseases in humans. The Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences has estimated the annual cost of treating
antibiotic-resistant infections in the U.S. at $30 billion.

8. 50 million pounds of antibiotics are produced in the U.S. each year. 20 million pounds are given to factory farm animals, of which 80% (16 million pounds) is used on livestock to promote growth.

20% is used to help control the diseases that occur under such horribly confined conditions, including anemia, influenza, intestinal diseases, mastitis, metritis, orthostasis, and pneumonia.

9.  Factory Farm Chickens are so badly treated that they contract many food borne pathogens including Campylobacter and Salmonella. 20% of broiler chickens in the US are contaminated with Salmonella and 80% are contaminated with Campylobacter in the processing plant.

Campylobacter is the most common known cause of bacterial food borne illness in the US.

10. 5000 deaths and 76 million cases of food-borne illness occur annually.

11. Antibiotics in farm animals leave behind drug-resistant microbes in meat and milk. With every burger and shake consumed, super-microbes settle in the stomach where they transfer drug resistance to bacteria in the body,making one more vulnerable to previously-treatable conditions.

You know the movie Contagion? Scary! So what to do? Number 1 -don’t eat meat. Become a Vegan! If that is too extreme for you, buy and support organic farming. Please spread the word and

sign this petition!


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