Walk For Farm Animals – Why I Am Walking To Support Farm Sanctuary

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This year, I am the volunteer coordinator for the first ever San Diego Walk For Farm Animals. I would love it if you could please donate $10 to my Walk page. It is my birthday and would be the greatest gift I could get. The money goes to the non profit organization, Farm Sanctuary to raise vital funds for helping sick, abused, and abandoned animals  and also for farm animal protection legislation, advocacy,  and education. Here is my page:

Why I Support Farm Sanctuary

10 Billion.  A number so large, so distant from comprehending – it is un-phasing. 10 billion land animals are killed each year in factory farms.  You remember Charlotte’s Web  – right – Wilbur was based on a real-life pig that E.B White knew as a child.  That might be the only story about a farm animal that you know of, where Charlotte crafted “Some Pig” in her web, and it kept Wilbur from slaughter. By her giving Wilbur the chance to be himself – and showcase his personality – it made the farmer and townspeople realize he was not a commodity but a sentient being with much personality and spirit.  I have learned of many similar real-life stories of incredible farm animals given a second chance at life with Farm Sanctuary – where animals can live naturally – safe, happy,  and getting their nutritional and medical needs met.

Stories of Rescue

I want to tell you about some of the animals that get to live their lives in peace at Farm Sanctuary.

There was a piglet  with impeccable instincts who fell out of a truck and ran to safety under a Farm Sanctuary member’s front porch. Another sick pig, Reggie showed a sure sign of love to his caregiver. After getting his medication, Reggie began to pile up fluffs of straw next to him — building a nest for his caregiver to sleep in.

My favorite story is of the cow that escaped the slaughter line and jumped a 6 foot fence – they called her Cincinnati Freedom – she got a key to the city and got to live out her life in peace at the New York Farm Sanctuary.  Perhaps she was related to the cow who jumped over the moon.

The first ever Farm Sanctuary animal was Hilda the sheep. Hilda was thrown onto  a “dead pile” – a pile of animals that just didn’t make it to be sold at a stockyard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and left for dead.  At the sounds of a camera click – a sheep on the pile raised her head. When he realized she wasn’t dead- Gene Baur – founder of Farm Sanctuary brought her to the vet to be euthanized and prevent further agony and suffering. The vet said  that the sheep was just dehydrated and gave her some vitamins and fluid. She sprung to her feet in 30 minutes. Hilda went on to live 11 years and now has a special resting place at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. There are many stories like this – where animals are abandoned and left to starve or for dead – when all they needed was some fluids or medicine (typically costing less than $20). That is why Farm Sanctuary desperately needs funds from events like the Walk For Farm Animals – so they can tend to the medical needs of these animals that are rescued and also raise awareness about these issues.


The Ugly Truth of Factory Farming

Factory farms are large scale industrial operations that house thousands of sentient animals in extremely cramped conditions and treats them as economic commodities – they rarely see the light of day and feel much pain and frustration.  You make a vote for these animals at every meal, with every purchase.  We can’t say we didn’t know anymore – with all the video proof of cruelty easily accessible. We also can’t deny that these animals have feelings, emotions, intelligence – and trust me if you can love your dog, love your cat, you can have just as much love for a pig, a chicken, a cow, a turkey, a goat if you got to know them.

Like people – animals come in all different types, shapes, sizes -  they each have their own nuances and personalities.  Besides being denied proper food, fresh air, and space- these animals suffer from brutal mutilations that happen on factory farms, without anesthesia – like a beak being burned off, a tail being chopped off, horns being chopped.  In the videos, you can see the fear in eyes of these animals, who had the unfortunate fate of being born into factory farming – and who can’t speak our words but can definitely feel pain and scream out from total agony.  Often a pig may break out of her gestation crate – you know – the small metal box where she spends her life in with no hay and can’t turn around? Well, when she makes a run for it  – she will loosen the crates of the pigs next to her – to give them a shot at escape too.


So – to me, knowing and feeling how much personality, love, and spirit these animals have – I wonder why we as a society allow ourselves to love one type of animal yet eat the others -and ignore the truth of how they got to our plates. I imagine a mother’s love for her baby is the same across any species and she should not have her baby ripped away from her and denied its own mother’s milk.  I am reminded of a quote from the book, The Lucky Ones:

“I stopped for a moment and thought about how science-fiction like the whole scene was: A species buying, selling, using, abusing, then killing frightened, innocent other species, viewing and treating them as commodities. This could be a horror film somewhere on another intellectually and spiritually evolved planet – especially since there is so much scientific evidence that we do not need animal products in our diet at all. In fact, its making us sick and destroying our planet. And all because we’re too selfish and brainwashed to realize that giving up meat and dairy is a small sacrifice. All because we insist it’s our God given right. How did it come to be like this? Indifference was law here, humanity illegal” – Jenny Brown

Want more information? I recommend that you watch Food Inc, read Skinny Bitch, and watch undercover video of factory farms.  When I saw footage of a baby cow with his face chained inches away from a pole, and scream blood curdling cries from repeatedly  being kicked with a boot in the head, well I fell to my knees and bawled my eyes out, because I felt that helpless pain in my gut.  There is no way to justify cruelty against a sentient being. Thanks to Farm Sanctuary though, I also have many positive images of rescued farm animals that give me hope and strength to fight for them and - be – their – voice.

We Are What We Eat

They say if factory farms had glass walls we’d all be vegetarian.  The connection between disease, cancer, heart attack and animal products has been proven, over and over. By now  we know we are what we eat! No wonder we don’t feel good! Animals on factory farms are pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides in their food. This “feed”  is meant to keep them just steps away from dying from the pneumonia, udder infections, disease, and respiratory ailments that they are plagued with as they stand on concrete ground without access to sunlight, clean air, and kindness.

We can no longer say we didn’t know. We can no longer say we can’t afford to eat healthy. No one can afford to lose more loved ones from disease, heart attack, and cancer. Cheap diet has a high cost. Our kind can’t keep living like this anymore -  I have learned about and met so many of the rescued animals from Farm Sanctuary. To give a pig a belly rub and be licked by a cow is a  pretty incredible feeling. Though I can’t help but sense their concern that others like them are still suffering. They take their jobs as ambassadors of their species very seriously – with each tour group the goats run out and beg for pets in between their horns.  A turkey at the LA Sanctuary is the greeter – and loves to be pet under her wings – on her soft down feathers. In fact, when I went to visit, I saw that she wouldn’t even walk away from people until they knelt down and gave her a pet! It is really special seeing children light up around these animals too – and remembering how when I was little – my grandpa would draw pictures of pigs for me – even when he couldn’t talk after a stroke — he would manage to keep his shaky hand still long enough to draw the most perfect looking pig on a napkin for me.

I encourage you to visit the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen  NY, Orland CA or LA.  At the LA sanctuary, I saw a turkey interact with a 4 year old boy – I was in awe of how the turkey mimicked the exact tone of the boy’s “Bawwkk” – in a way the turkey was playing a game with him, knowing she was entertaining the child.  She herself was unable to walk because she was bred to produce more breast meat, like the Frank-en-stein like chicken. But genetically modifying these animals does not take away their spirits, however broken they might be.

I also like the story of the aging goat who became best friends with a cow. They spent every day grazing the fields together, with the cow calling her goat at night as well. Once the goat passed away from old age, the cow, in perfect health, died of a broken heart. The stories of the bonds cows make with other animals at Farm Sanctuary are incredible. I was so happy to finally meet Thunder – a cow who broke through a fence to tend to the “Special Needs” younger cows. Another case – when one mother cow passed away of natural causes – the other cows were so upset they banged up against the car that was taking her body away – never wanting to leave her side.

When I see the face of a rescued cow, the stature and structure of their face, the deepness to his eyes, reminds me of a horse – an ocean of unspoken emotion hidden. The animal unsure of people.  But there is magic in being in the presence of a rescued innocent animal who had suffered under the cruel hand of people before, and now – is giving trust a try – thanks to Farm Sanctuary.

Please donate $10 to my Walk For Farm Animals page, every dollar makes a big difference – food or medicine for an animal in need:

Just because things have been happening a certain way for a long time, doesn’t make them right. Now we have to acknowledge that factory farming is wrong, and think about making compassionate food choices. It is all of the small steps we take that will promote change, and reclaim our health, our morality, and refresh the planet.

Many blessings and thank you in advance for donating to my Walk. It is the greatest gift I could get – sharing the stories of these animals with the people I care about,  and helping raise money for such an important cause.




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Studies Show Eating Factory Farmed Animal Products Leads to Heart Disease and Cancer

  • 70 percent of Americans are dying from illnesses associated with their diets.
  • Half of Americans die of heart disease, and third of all Americans get cancer, with one-quarter dying from cancer.

- Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

  • 40 million people are diagnosed with heart disease every year in the U.S. and 1.5 million a year have heart attacks. (Diehl, Western Diseases: Their Dietary Prevention and Reversibility)
  • Cardiovascular disease kills over 700,000 U.S. citizens each year with 1/4 of these people being under the age of 65.

Don’t eat animal products and buy only organic fruit and vegetables. Studies show people who are vegan live on average an additional 15 years over the animal eating population.

Factory Farming Causes Cancer And Heart Disease

The United States food production methods of Factory Farming show no concern for the planet, health, or our future.  For every calorie of meat produced, we expend 70 calories of energy in our mechanical system of agriculture.  The way the U.S raises and murders farm animals has grown more and more cruel and inhumane the past 20 years. Factory farming is extremely cruel and unethical, factory farmed animals do not see daylight or soil a day in their life. They live opposite how nature intended. They feel so much pain, fear, and terror, and people eat that.

In order to keep animals alive in these horrendous sick conditions,  they  are pumped full of antibiotics, which people then eat, thus causing them to be resistant to antibiotics.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet” – Albert Einstein

Evidence shows being a vegan can help eliminate having a heart attack and reduces cancer risk as well as adds years to your life.

 Correlation Between Heart Disease and Animal Diet

-  Researcher and clinician Dr. Dean Ornish states, ” It is no surprise that half of all Americans develop heart disease because the typical U.S. diet puts everyone at risk”. A high fat animal diet is the single most significant cause of death from heart disease ( from the book, Diet, Genes and Early Heart Attacks)

People develop heart disease since their hearts don’t get enough blood because the buildup of cholesterol, fat, and cellular debris from animal products clogs their arteries. So the best way to stop the progress of heart disease is to switch to a vegan diet.

Dr. Dean Ornish was the first doctor to show that changing to a vegan diet can reverse heart disease without surgery or drugs.

  • The risk of heart disease in China is only 5% compared to the U.S. because countries that eat low-fat plant based diets have low blood cholesterol levels.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services reports that for every 1 percent that your blood cholesterol drops, your risk of having a heart attack falls by 2-3 percent.
  • In 40 years of studying 5,000 people in a town called Framingham outside of Boston, no person whose blood cholesterol was less than 150 ever had a heart attack.(Dr. Dean Ornish Program For Reversing Heart Disease)
  • Any intake of cholesterol through animal products provides zero benefit to the body because the human liver makes all the cholesterol the body needs.(Department of Health and Human Services).

Experts  now say that Americans can cut their risk of cancer in half by adopting a vegetarian and vegan diet. So eat  fruits, grains, and vegetables – it is preventative medicine for you.  Don’t say it is bland or doesn’t taste good, it TASTES great. There are so many vegan and vegetarian recipes out there. Would you rather die or pay a minimum of $40,000 for surgery where they cut open your ribs and take blood from your leg to put in your heart?

Don’t wait for companies to tell you what to do. All they care about is money – not your health.  They even profit more from you getting cancer and disease.  This is truth, educate and save yourself with the choices you make when it is time to eat. And please, please help end factory farming because Factory Farming Hurts Everyone.  You can make a difference by not eating animal products and educating yourself and your loved ones about the TRUTH.


Who I am and why I want to end factory farming

I figured if you came to my site, you would want to know a little about me. I am an animal lover from the day I was born. In fact, there was a cat in the car the day my parents brought me home from the hospital. And that cat I swear, well I think she thought I was hers. And it seemed, no matter how hard life was, there were always animals around who were my constant. These were my friends and stability throughout my crazy ass life. They needed me,  and I needed their love. So, I will always be in debt to my animals, which I think a lot of us could say about our pets.


So what about the animals we don’t see? Perhaps the ones who become a part of our flesh whose flesh we eat? A dangerous thought, the ego might say, to emotionally connect to a farm animal. But in my studies, the documentaries I watch, (Food Inc, Food Matters, Fresh. etc) I don’t see the difference between the pets I always had and the animals being raised for food.

Do they not have a beating heart? Do they not have a spirit that connects them to their mother? They can feel, I know because I feel it. One day I meditated and in all my frustration – my asking of the same question – what am I supposed to do?? An answer came, quietly but very clearly. Tell the story of the cow. Then I have these dreams. These dreams about animals all the time. This passion, that doesn’t go away to help animals. Not just the dogs and cats, who have so many people fighting for them to be treated well, but for the animals whose voices are more rarely heard. Because their screams and horrors are hidden. But I do feel in my heart, that in these days, we can’t pretend the cruelty and horrors against them aren’t happening on the factory farms.

And yes, it is hard as hell to sit here and watch the atrocities caught on film against factory farm animals. When the baby animal is made to suffer with no relief from their pain, I feel pain deep in my soul. I cry my eyes out and freaking hyperventilate, to know that this happened somewhere. I scream out to God – how could you let this happen to innocent creatures? Why are their monsters out there hurting these animals so badly?



For now, I don’t know why. But I know one thing, I will never stop fighting for these animals. I will never stop doing everything I can to share with the world what is happening so    that we can end it. I beg of everyone reading this, to reach out to their political representatives and tell them – ENOUGH -! PLEASE end the factory farming! Even if you hate animals, you have to know, for your health, eating animals with that much poison injected in them, so much fear and adrenaline in their heart is not good for your health. I will research the facts. But more importantly with this site, I hope to reach your heart, the way these animals do mine, with their stories, with the look in their eye. So, I am honored with your presence, reader. I am honored with the responsibility  of standing up for these animals. May you stand up for them too, in whatever way you can. Let your heart be your guide. ~Nameste~
the divinity in me recognizes and respects the divinity in you




11 Quick Factory Farming Facts

I know this is hard to read, it is hard for me as an animal lover as well to even write this. But in order to make it better, we need to know and share this information.


1. Each factory farm chicken has about six-tenths of a square foot of space. They are debeaked because having no space to move sometimes leads to them being agressive to each other.

2. Pigs tails are cut off as well because they, too as well as chickens in factory farms have no space to move so sometimes act out against eachother and bite tails.

3. Ammonia and other gases from manure irritate animals’ lungs, and
over 80% of US pigs have pneumonia upon slaughter.


4. Factory Farm pigs suffer skeletal deformities from being in an unnatural environment on concrete floors.

5. (2) In 1970, there were about 900,000 farms in the United States;
by 1997, there were only 139,000. Have you seen FOOD INC YET? WHERE THE FARMERS HAVE TEARS IN THEIR EYES BECAUSE THE CORPORATIONS COME BY AND FORCE THEM TO change. Having no regard for humanity or humane treatment.

6. 90% of the United States poultry production is controlled by 10 companies.


7. Use of antibiotics in factory farm animals caused more strains of drug-resistant bacteria, which affects the treatment of various
life-threatening diseases in humans. The Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences has estimated the annual cost of treating
antibiotic-resistant infections in the U.S. at $30 billion.

8. 50 million pounds of antibiotics are produced in the U.S. each year. 20 million pounds are given to factory farm animals, of which 80% (16 million pounds) is used on livestock to promote growth.

20% is used to help control the diseases that occur under such horribly confined conditions, including anemia, influenza, intestinal diseases, mastitis, metritis, orthostasis, and pneumonia.

9.  Factory Farm Chickens are so badly treated that they contract many food borne pathogens including Campylobacter and Salmonella. 20% of broiler chickens in the US are contaminated with Salmonella and 80% are contaminated with Campylobacter in the processing plant.

Campylobacter is the most common known cause of bacterial food borne illness in the US.

10. 5000 deaths and 76 million cases of food-borne illness occur annually.

11. Antibiotics in farm animals leave behind drug-resistant microbes in meat and milk. With every burger and shake consumed, super-microbes settle in the stomach where they transfer drug resistance to bacteria in the body,making one more vulnerable to previously-treatable conditions.

You know the movie Contagion? Scary! So what to do? Number 1 -don’t eat meat. Become a Vegan! If that is too extreme for you, buy and support organic farming. Please spread the word and

sign this petition!


The Truth About Eating Animals (Infographic) Stop Factory Farming Protect Your Health

Just want to say, thanks for coming to my website! I made this site because I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW ANIMALS ARE BEING TREATED ON FACTORY FARMS.   With this website, and your help, we will end factory farming. I will never stop this journey to help end factory farming. So, here is my message to the corporations and the lobbyist pushing factory farming – we will never stop. We are millions strong. We have the internet and the injustice and cruelty against farm animals ends now.

So, sweet reader, I promise you, I will work hard to research facts about factory farming for you. I need your help. The factory farm animals need your help. Please know, these animals feel pain, they have personalities and hearts – we can’t pretend all this barbaric shit isn’t happening anymore. No matter where or who you are, you can help.

Here is a great infographic from